Cisneria is an engineering company specialized in optimization techniques and data analysis

It develops software tools aimed at improving the planning and operation of companies.


We believe in innovation, in the effort and we back on a well-done job, as a basis for success. We help our clients to improve the performance of their daily activity with customized solutions, based on accurate research.    

Any of our products is the result of a designed workflow to always provide the best solution.

In our workflow, we prioritize:


We analyze processes and problems. We collect and analyze data to generate ideas and define the proposal that best suits the situation we are trying to solve.


We develop mathematical models and design the software, ensuring that tools fit real needs of customers, simplifying their processes.


We proceed with the revision and application of the developed software, to verify that it can be used in production environments.

Cisneria works mainly in transportation and logistics sectors, providing software that help with daily planning and operations.

Our products


Cisneria has established collaborations with prestigious institutions and professionals from them, both nationally and internationally.